Design Tips

Design Tips } How to

For the best results you should use felt tip pens, crayons & paints as when we scan all your children's Christmas Card designs, they will be at their brightest and best quality. If you use coloured pencils, they may be good enough but will not be as bright as designing your Christmas Cards with felt tip pens.

Please do not stick anything onto the designs, as these will come off when all your Christmas Card designs are passed through our scanners. You must design your School or Nursery Christmas Cards on the templates provided.

Please enter the child's name, age, class, year & School name on the back of each template each child designed on. Please use a black or dark blue pen to ensure it is legible. Look at these examples of Christmas Cards made last year.

Design ideas & Tips } Do and Do not

  • Use colour felt pens
  • Use crayons
  • Light use of paints
  • Use coloured pencils
  • Use the template provided
  • Write child's name & age on reverse
  • Include the school or nursery
  • Design on anything other than template supplied
  • Stick anything on the template
  • Have children write their own names on template
  • Use glitter, thick paint or chalk
  • Use Glue or Tipp-Ex

Our design tips above are brief and made simple. If there is anything you do not understand or need any further assistance or guidance please contact us.

Please read our FAQs page for more help.