How do I login or register?

Parents who want to access your Childs card if they are taking part in a nursery/school Christmas card project, or want to create and design your own card, sign up using Parent Sign Up

Organisers with a child that has taken part can login using their original details

What are the recommended web browsers for best experience?

Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome

How is a payment made?

Online Stripe payment via your sign up account

When will the Christmas Cards be delivered?

If part of a School Project, cards will be delivered to your School if purchase was made before your deadline. Please allow 5 working days after the schools deadline order date, unless the school have extended/delayed date, in which case allow 8 working days from the original deadline date.

If not part of the School project, please allow 2-3 working days for delivery to your postal address.

Late orders

Please allow 2-3 working days from placing an order for delivery to your postal address.

How do I get more order instruction forms/templates if we run out of them for a class?

In your Organiser account, select the Classes tab from the top navigation bar. Next select the class you want the order instruction forms/templates for. Once the class has been selected, click Generate Order Instructions button to download the pdf file, which you can print out yourself.