Step by Step Guide

Follow the easy steps below.

Kids Cards 4 Christmas will guide you through every step effortlessly.

Register } Your School or Nursery

You first must register your School or Nursery with us. Once you have done this we can then send you your starter pack containing all you need to start the fundraising project.

Design } Children's Christmas Cards

The children can now design their own Christmas Cards at their School or Nursery. Once you have all your Children's Christmas Card designs ready, please post back to us and we will refund the postage cost on completion.

Orders } Christmas Card Designs

The designs are then scanned and loaded onto our secure portal, where parents can view, order and pay.

Our Photo Christmas Card packs are very popular Parents can log on our secure portal and use the unique code to locate the card and upload a photo of their choice on the reverse, each photo pack sold by your School or Nursery raises £2.00.

Deliver } Your Personalised Children's Christmas Cards

We will deliver all the Children's Christmas Card packs to your School or Nursery FREE of charge.

Sounds easy!

Anything you didn't understand? Please check out our FAQs page. Don't forget to take a look at our 'Design Tips' page for some useful information on how to produce your personalised Children's Christmas Cards.