Teachers & Organisers

Kids Cards 4 Christmas is a really simple and rewarding fundraising project that involves all children. The children are able to use their imagination and creative skills to design their own personalised Christmas Cards while the project itself helps raise much needed funds for your School or Nursery.

The rewards of Working together

The Christmas Card fundraising project itself is both rewarding for you as a teacher or Organiser as well as the children creating personalised Christmas cards to share with family and friends.The School Christmas Card fundraising project can fit seamlessly into your existing curriculum,and benefits children of all ages.

You must first register your School or Nursery on our new simple to use online portal. Once you have done this we can then send you your starter pack, the starter packs contain everything you need for your project.

Simple Fundraising

Not only is this fun for every child that participates but is really simple to take part. Once the school or Nursery has registered we will send you the starter pack containing templates for the children to design their Christmas cards.The templates are then returned back to us (costs will be refunded on completion )We will then scan all templates and produce a sample proof copy along with an order form this will have a unique code.With this code the parents will then log onto our new secure and easy to use portal to add a photo or edit the card before confirming quantity and making payment. The teacher or Organiser can also track the progress and funds raised through the portal. Standard packs of Christmas Cards are available from only £6.50 for 9 Christmas Cards, of which £1.50 will be retained by your School or Nursery.

What are the pack options?

Standard Packs £6.50

There are 9 cards per pack including envelopes. Standard packs have the Childs design on the front and details on the reverse. Each pack sold raises £1.50.

Photo Packs £8.50

Our Photo Christmas Card packs are very popular, together with the childs design parents can log on our secure portal and use the unique code to locate the card and upload a photo of their choice on the reverse. Each photo pack sold by your School or Nursery raises £2.00.

Maximise the Project effectiveness of the fundraising project for your School or Nursery